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Nov 27, 2012 7:00am PST
will it do to our economy? >> i don't think it will do that much. i think people will assume a solution will be found quite promptly. it's a little like the debt ceiling question. people know -- the rest of the world may think we're idiotic at times but don't think we're going to commit suicide. so i think if -- i hope something gets worked out before january 1st. if it goes a little bit beyond that, i don't think -- >> if it's january 10th -- >> if you guaranteed me that the fiscal cliff, we would go past that, i wouldn't sell a share of stock today. >> you have confidence that in the end they will fix it? >> and that this economy works. >> he is confident of a deal huh? >> he really does. he believes there's a possibility -- he thinks it will take some time. first thing he wants to see is a minimum tax, which they can do now in terms of people who make more than a million dollars, minimum tax you have to pay it before you do the tax reform. too many competing interests to get it done immediately. interesting man. we'll have more from him. >>> to republican politics,
Nov 28, 2012 7:00am PST
or the economy. > a tough white house ally, nglinois senator dick durbin argued against using fiscal cliff pressures to scale back paidare and medicaid benefits. >> these are people that have paid in over a lifetime into protectecurity and medicare and fully expect the protection bech they've invested in to be that'snd it has to be there. republicans anyblicans are demanding in any fiscal cliff deal. o raisew never to raise taxes on the w o entitlement programs now gobbling up more than 60% of annual federal spending. that means the white house to dough if i liberal democrats or >> the p enrage republicans. ted to thesident is very committed to the proposition itht we can deal with these challenges if we come together oach.dopt a balanced approach. >> i may sound glib what i'm about to say but this white house is really serious about an issuewhen it goes to twitter. anew white house hash tag on preserving the middle class tax preserving. that's $2,000, average amount that taxes would rise if the bush era texas cuts are not ttended. eek white house plans to hammer its issue all week, believ
Nov 26, 2012 7:00am PST
these decisions, and in january, we'll see an economy that will take off. we can focus on the greatness of this country january 1st if we'll go ahead and do the work that we all know we have plenty of time to get done this year. >> senator corker norah o'donnell. >> let's talk about the specifics of your plan. everybody acknowledges you need about $4 trillion in deficit reductions. you don't want to raise taxes, additional revenue by simply capping deductions at $50,000. >> right. >> independent analysis by the tax policy center says that only gets you about $760 billion. it's not enough money. how do you get more revenue? >> well the package that i've laid out has over $1 trillion in revenues that has the 750 you just alluded to but we also do chained cpi, and in that you not only reduce the rate which benefits growth but moves people into brackets more quickly. also social security was set up to capture 90% of the wages in our country. now it's at 84%. move that up gradually through 2050, it generates a lot more revenue. there's over $1 trillion in this package,
Nov 22, 2012 7:00am PST
the failure to reach a fiscal cliff compromise this year would risk the entire economy. the good news, they say, is that congress and the president seem to agree on that. for cbs this morning, wyatt andrews, washington. >> that's an interesting piece. because everybody i know in washington involved in this thing looks at simpson/bowles as the model they should work off of. >> it's interesting to go back where we started two years ago. grab your shorts. >> they've got more support at the time. looking at different circumstance today. there's something that's not on the chopping block in washington. president obama pardoned cobbler and his alternative gobbler in an annual white house tradition. the president said yesterday that life's all about second chances. americans have been giving holiday turkeys to the white house since the 1800s. president eisenhower and president lyndon johnson ate the turkeys they were given. >> what are their names? >> cobbler and gobbler. >> cobbler and gobbler. okay. >>> hundreds of families in the chicago are getting turkey this thanksgiv
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4